Talk Back: Team Light Skin v. Team Dark Skin Party

Check out these responses to today’s Light Skin v. Dark Skin Party at Adesso Night Club in Philadelphia. Feel free to circulate these memes. We want to provoke critical dialogue around this issue.

Adesso Night Club: 215-640-6000
Party Promoter: @BurnaNewPhaze

When we called  Adesso night club, its manager asserted that the theme of the party is a “prank” and hung up the phone. But as one ally of FAAN noted, “If people are coming based on the promotion of the flier, than it’s more than just a ‘prank’. In the face of opposition, calling it a “prank” is probably their safety valve.”

These memes were created by FAAN Mail friends and allies. Special thanks to Race and Gender Studies scholar Dr. Yaba Blay of the (1)ne Drop Project for contributing insight as well as the  Fuller quote pulled from her essay:  Skin Bleaching and Global White Supremacy.

Watch this Talk Back video featuring high school students analyzing the memes above:


About Nuala Cabral

Nuala Cabral is an educator, activist, filmmaker and co-founder of FAAN Mail, a media literacy and activist project based in Philadelphia.

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  1. Great post! This is a topis we can no longer ignore.

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