Talk Back: Our Conversation with CLEAR CHANNEL about Misogyny, Balance & Diversity

225227_587260824634583_223237697_nRecently, two members of  FAAN Mail joined the Director of News and Community Affairs at Clear Channel  for a taped interview to discuss our concerns about the onslaught of misogyny and lack of diversity and balance on mainstream urban radio.  The interview aired last Sunday on POWER 99 in Philadelphia.

Tune in to the 10 minute podcast HERE.

Special thanks to Loraine Ballard Morrill from Clear Channel and Women’s Way for helping to facilitate this first step of dialogue. We hope to have more opportunities to continue this conversation with Clear Channel about what steps they will take to counter their misogyny with a more diverse and balanced reflection of our community, supporting their commitment to “treat people with respect, fairness and humanity”.

Check out our community dialogue on radio politics to learn about the barriers independent artists face and how we can change this by taking collective responsibility. Yes, audiences, artists and radio industry professionals have a role to play if we want to see change.

So please join us and tell Clear Channel your concerns in the comments below or tweet your concerns to @ClearChannel. We will keep you posted about our efforts and progress.



About Nuala Cabral

Nuala Cabral is an educator, activist, filmmaker and co-founder of FAAN Mail, a media literacy and activist project based in Philadelphia.

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