How does our work speak to your experience? How has FAAN Mail impacted you?

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“Hi, I go to your page at least once a day. Congratulations on the Rick Ross!!!! That is awesome. You teach a lot to young women to stand up for themselves. I wish I had you guys growing up in Ethiopia and Sri Lanka. Anyway you do a lot but if you have stopped one man that thinks he can get away with rape or one women inspired to report rape or know you’re fighting for her. That in it self is a great accomplishment. Thank you for all you do and your voice to let men know we will not stand for this treatment. You girls rock.” – L.

“This gave me pause and made me think about the times I have unknowingly contributed to the very things that degrade me as a woman e.g. dancing to these kind of songs. Doing better in the future #collectiveresponsibility..”

“This is music that I would dance to at a party, and I often listen to it on my way home. It seems fun to me, because it is so ignorant. But, I really need to think about how the message may be affecting me. I might do a 30 day no misogynist music fast and see if I notice a difference.”

“Young women have the right to oppose insults and ridicule. It’s a great idea to provide express protest to all the raunchy and debased images. I could see if women of color were represented by an array of positive images, but that’s not the case. I applaud their efforts.”



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