Sisters Action Media

Introducing FAAN Mail’s pilot youth media program for teen girls!

Sisters Action Media is a ten-week video production and media literacy training that empowers young women between the ages of 14-18 to critique, produce and distribute media.

During this pilot program, participants completed short films that provoke dialogue and inspire social change. FAAN and Sisters Action Media presented these films at a community screening at PhillyCAM Studio on June 25, 2012. Here’s one of the films that screened:

This program was partially funded through an Art and Change Grant from the Leeway Foundation with additional support from The People’s Emergency Center. Learn more about the program and see their videos on the Sisters Action Media blog!

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  1. I just wanted the entire FAAN Mail team to know that have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award because I think that the work you are doing is truly necessary and inspiring to myself and others! You can see the link here:

    Stay inspired, stay encouraged and keep shining your light.

  2. Give us more orgs to service in inner city US we are the only one’s delivering for free at the moment peace, @mcxthereal @greenpanthersX OUR PEOPLE NEED THIS VOCATIONAL TRAINING AND CURRICULUM NOW It’s being intentionally withheld from them! EDUCATE FOR THE FUTURE NOW!!

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