Street Harassment

Screen Shot 2012-03-24 at 10.35.20 PMWe believe that everyone should be free from harassment in public spaces regardless of their gender, gender expression or sexuality.  This is why for the last four years we have joined the movement to end street harassment.  Our goal is to raise awareness about this issue in our communities through educational workshops, direct action and community engagement. In March of 2011, we kicked off our activism by joining the first International Anti Street Harassment Day. Since then we  have organized a series of events in Philadelphia during  Meet Us On The Street: Anti Street Harassment Week.

Our efforts have required creativity, reflection and tough conversations about freedom, justice and safety. Engaging youth, male allies, and LGBT folks (a group that disproportionately experiences street harassment) has been critical throughout our process.

We seek to raise awareness about street harassment and eradicate it through a transformative justice approach: community accountability and community healing. We are interested in lifting up the voices of everyday victims, encouraging bystander intervention, and reclaiming public space as a safe space – without police intervention. See below for a glimpse of our efforts.

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2015 Community Action 

See more videos and images from our 2015 action here.

2014 Community Action

2013 Community Action


2012 Community Meeting and Action



See more images here. 

Stuff People Say to Teen Girls (Street Harassment)

In 2012, teens from BuildON helped create this video in a workshop about street harassment co-facilitated by FAAN Mail and Hollaback Philly:



Community Action, 2011.

This short video documents our day of activism in Philadelphia.


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