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Talk Back: Seventeen Magazine

When Julia, a teenage activist from Spark Summit, petitioned  Seventeen Magazine to show real (not photoshopped) girls in their magazine, a spokesperson from the magazine gave this response:

Seventeen celebrates girls for being their authentic selves, and that’s how we present them. We feature real girls in our pages and there is no other magazine that highlights such a diversity of size, shape, skin tone and ethnicity. (via Jezebel)

When Sisters Action Media (our youth media program) learned about Julia’s effort and read Seventeen Magazine’s response, they felt compelled to respond. So we took to a trip to the store and picked up the latest issue. In this talk back, Sisters Action Media calls out Seventeen’s claims to portray real girls and real diversity.

Join the dialogue on twitter at #talkback17. And sign Spark’s petition to Seventeen Magazine here. 

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